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The poems on this website are recycled in the sense that they have been gradually accruing in folders and gathering dust for many years. But now, in the spirit of the times, I have decided to clear some of them off my shelves and send them out into the world in a new form in the hope that someone else might gain some pleasure from them.

I have loved poetry all my life since my father read me his favourite poems from various old-fashioned anthologies, in particular one called Laurel and Gold, when I was a little girl after the war. I went on to read English at university, teach English and hang around at the edges of the poetry scene, attending festivals and local readings and sending in poems to competitions. But I never managed to find a way through to publication, except for a few random poems.

I am now in my sixties and have accumulated hundreds of poems over the years, so this is my solution – to publish a small selection of them on the web in the hope that they may be read with enjoyment by someone out there in the strange etheric world of cyberspace. Thank you for reading this far!

Irene Earis. 2010